In response to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December, we first wish to express our sadness and sympathy for the families and community of Newtown, Connecticut. The tragedy has brought an important issue to the nation’s attention- school security. As schools, families, and communities across the country react, we have the opportunity to strengthen our schools’ security systems and keep our students safe.

child entering school

It is not only necessary to have a security system and plan in place, but it is vital to have a complete and efficient plan for each school. Every school building is unique, requiring an individualized system. There are basic components needed at every school, but many schools often need customized video surveillance, DVR recording, and other features.

At S-O-S Electronics, we encourage school leadership to review their current safety plan and all building features. Being prepared for any emergency is the first step toward having a safe environment for students and teachers. To prevent intruders from entering the building, the first step is to have a secure entry system. Schools across the country are restricting entry to limited doors using video systems. These systems protect the entire school body by ensuring only approved people enter. The use of video surveillance around the entire school property is also a preventative measure. The increased use of security cameras and DVR recording not only discourages outsiders, but it also allows you to record happenings should any incident occur.

We encourage all school officials to be proactive in initiating and updating their current security systems. Our children should feel safe and comfortable at school, so we aim to take every step to ensure their safety. We provide a variety of security devices and will help you create a custom plan for your school’s needs. Please call us to learn more about how we can strengthen your school’s security system.

security camera dummy cameraThe new year has arrived, you are probably recovering from the end of year and holiday rush- but you are also gearing up for the coming year. We are wrapping up a busy time and preparing for another one in which it is vital to protect your whole business. Businesses are particularly vulnerable to intruders or vandals at this time of year.

Increase in Thefts

Financial and social pressure during the holiday season causes crimes and thefts to increase. Some individuals are becoming increasingly wary of financial stressors. Because you are aware, you can better protect your customers, employees, and assets this winter.

Some business owners, in the interest of deterring thieves, choose to mount fake security cameras. At first glance, this might seem like a decent idea. There are so many dangers with this plan, one of them being potential legal trouble.

Dangers of Fake Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras may look like real CCTV surveillance cameras to the average citizen. Is the average citizen planning to intrude your business? The intruders who plan to trespass on your property are probably experts at what they do. They can tell a dummy camera from a real one. Dummy security cameras do nothing. They don’t protect your employees or your property. Worse yet, they have the potential to entangle you with legal trouble. Employees may claim a false sense of security if they experience loss of valuables or vehicles after trusting that the security camera would record any incident.

Solutions for Business Security

Installing dummy security cameras is not worth the money and effort. The best choice is to consult a professional to check your space and advise you in the best way to use CCTV and security cameras to protect your employees, property, and customers. You’ll also be protecting yourself from potential lawsuits or loss due to improper use of dummy security cameras. To learn about the CCTV and Security Cameras provided by S-O-S. Electronics, contact S-O-S. Electronics by calling (414) 616-7008.

Security is a relevant topic to all people in all parts of the world. In a time when public violence has become far too common, the creative and intelligent development of security systems is an important part of ensuring safety.

A recent news story from Mexico highlights the innovative ways people are improving security. Officials in Oaxaca, Mexico have implemented new security steps to prevent violence and illegal activity. Officials at the Police’s Command and Communication Control Center hired deaf individuals to monitor the surveillance cameras placed in the streets of downtown Oaxaca. The surveillance cameras do not have microphones, so the officials turned to the State Association for the Deaf to hire the new employees.

CCTV photo by S-O-S SecurityThe deaf officers have a keener sense of sight because they can read lips and noises do not distract them. These individuals may be better candidates for the job because they tend to be more perceptive of moods and behavior. The new officers have pinpointed many questionable interactions and suspicious individuals. They alert police officers of such interactions, often preventing illegal behavior and assisting officers in the search and detention of suspects.

This move is the first of its kind in Mexico, and will be expanded in the coming months. Both the officers and the citizens are satisfied with the recent changes, saying that they feel “more safe”. This new tactic has proven to be a creative way to protect citizens. Just as the police officers prioritized the safety of their citizens, so should you prioritize the safety of your property and individuals who spend time on your property. Security is not a light issue. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and look for new ways to keep your property secure. At S-O-S, we have a variety of options that can improve your security. One way we recommend to monitor your property, employees and customers is by installing CCTV and DVR equipment as a way to protect and monitor your business.

For more information on CCTV, DVR, NVR or other integrated security solutions, contact  S-O-S Electronics today!

Apparently catalytic converters are good for more than just the environment—they’re also good for scrap metal resale. Just ask parking lot thieves from the Milwaukee area who made headlines this summer by stealing these pollution-control muffler attachments from vehicles in a number of area parking lots. Criminals made a nice living this summer by selling the converter material for upwards of $1,450 per ounce.

The unfortunate part about this situation is that many of the thieves were able to get away clear and free due to unmonitored parking lots. Most businesses don’t have surveillance equipment that monitors their exterior, thus, there’s no way to identify the crooks.

When it comes to protecting your assets, security cameras can go a long way. Not only do they reveal the actual events of a crime and help police track down those responsible, they also help deter criminal activity simply by being active. Thieves who know parking lots are monitored are far less likely to attempt burglary in that location than they would be if there were no cameras.

However, when it comes to parking lot security cameras, just getting the cameras themselves isn’t going to be enough. You also need to monitor it or outsource that responsibility. Either way, someone needs to be watching the area, because while the cameras themselves might scare a few crooks away, they won’t deter them all. And if you want to stop the crime before it’s been successfully carried out, you need to keep your eye on the ball—or on the screen. However, when it comes to actually stopping the crime, we encourage you to not attempt that on your own. Instead, it’s always best to call the police.

When it comes to selecting the right kind of camera, it’s important to make the most of your investment. Simple cameras may be acceptable for small areas, but when it comes to most parking lots, greater technology is required. Many systems now come equipped with pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) options that allow the camera to capture a greater area and also see greater detail. These can be incredibly useful in recapturing important specifics such as license plates and even faces.

Obviously we at S-O-S Electronics are in favor of security camera systems and know just how beneficial they can be for a business or even a home property. That’s why we carry a selection of quality choices and can provide you with the equipment you need to achieve a safer environment. With thieves on the prowl, it’s a great time to invest in a system that can either keep them away or catch them in the act.

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This summer’s temperatures have been pretty extreme. Most of the country is experiencing some level of drought, and the heat that has come with it has been tough to take. But it hasn’t just been the people who have suffered through it; the heat has also caused problems throughout a variety of industries causing home foundation problems, air conditioner malfunctions and, yes, security system failures. And that is something we at S-O-S Electronics want to help you avoid.

When you think about it, your security system is a lot like a home computer with many of the same needs—including cool temperatures. Like computers, when a security system’s head-end equipment overheats, it causes system failure and creates malfunctions or even total shut-downs. Instead of allowing this to happen, we want to help you keep your system running by offering a few tips to help maintain a cool, functioning system.

First, it’s important to allow air to flow around the equipment. Tightly encloses spaces don’t allow outside air to get to the equipment, and the heat created from the machinery accumulates in the space making it hotter and hotter. Instead of letting the thermometer rise, make sure the area is properly ventilationed and allows air to circulate around the equipment.

If creating airflow doesn’t generate enough temperature change to keep it cool, consider installing a fan. There are hundreds of models available on the market, and many that a specifically designed for electrical equipment. By stirring up the air, you’ll help rid the area of heat and keep your system stabilized.

Another tip is to keep the equipment clean. The buildup of dust and dirt can slow down the equipment’s internal fans making it more likely to overheat and fail. Instead of letting it dust collect, either clean the equipment yourself or call in a pro depending on your system.

The security of your property is important. Whether you own a home or manage a commercial property, you want to make sure it is safe and secure. After all, that’s why you purchased the security equipment to begin with. But the system can only do its job if it receives proper care.

This month, we at S-O-S Electronics want to encourage you to keep it cool—your security equipment, that is. Who knows how long the high temperatures will last? In the meantime, do your part to keep your system up and running by helping it get the cool air it needs. And, once that’s taken care of, be sure to do the same for yourself.

To make sure your system is getting what it needs to stay in working order, contact us today!

The Man for the Job

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On June 5, with just over 53 percent of the vote, Governor Scott Walker retained his position as the leader of our state. And, as one of the businesses who has benefitted from his leadership, we at S-O-S Electronics would like to offer our most sincere congratulations!

Since being elected, Governor Walker has faced down a $3.6 billion state deficit by reducing government spending and increasing its flexibility to provide services. The Governor’s reforms allowed state and local governments to save millions of dollars by utilizing the cost-savings of the free-market system and competitively bidding on their health insurance programs, curbing overtime abuses and aligning staff with service needs. The reforms also allowed government to reward employees and make staffing decisions based on merit contracts.

In a move that caught all of our attention, Governor Walker also took on the ambitious task of creating 250,000 new jobs during his tenure. Regardless of what side of the political fence we’re on, that’s something we can all embrace as progress! Wisconsin needs jobs, and our citizens need paychecks and benefits, which is why it is comforting to know there is a man in office committed to seeing that change take place.

Beyond the workplace, Governor Walker has also made it his aim to improve the state’s education system. Instead of allowing the negative reading comprehension trend to continue in Wisconsin, Governor Walker implemented a reform system that will improve the skills of our children and increase educator effectiveness and school accountability. With so much at stake in our youth, we know our state will be in better hands because of the reform initiative.

As an independent business, S-O-S Electronics is proud to support the efforts of Governor Walker and to stand behind his plan to make Wisconsin a better place for us to live and work. We wish him the best as he begins his new year in office, and we can’t wait to watch the positive change take place. We know it will take hard work, but we believe in our governor and know he is the right man for the job.

In the meantime, if you know that S-O-S Electronics is the right company for your job, contact us today at (414) 616-7008 or visit us online at!

Protecting Your Employees

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As a business owner or facility manager, you want your company’s employees to feel safe when they come to work. You care about their safety and peace of mind and know that if they are comfortable in their workplace environment, they will be far more effective at their jobs and happier as well, creating a more positive atmosphere for everyone!

In 2009, the Society for Human Resources Management conducted a survey that investigated 24 factors related to employee satisfaction. Among the top were pay, benefits and, surprisingly, feeling safe in the workplace environment, which even outranking the employee’s relationship with his or her immediate supervisor. Those who felt threatened or unsafe were less productive, less satisfied, less comfortable and less motivated. And we’d venture to guess that they were also less likely to stay!

When it comes to taking care of your employees, it’s important to address the issue of physical security. While no two businesses carry the same risks, one thing is certain: No one is immune. Whether you run a 24-hour convenience store in a high-crime area or manage an office building in an affluent suburb, you have to face the fact that illegal or threatening activities can happen anywhere at any time. Thus, it’s important to make sure that you have the proper security equipment in place in order to maintain the satisfaction of your employees while they are under your care, especially if they exchange money or goods with the public, work alone or in small groups during off-peak hours or if they have extensive contact with the public.

At S-O-S Electronics, we want to help you maintain a positive work environment and overall employee well-being by helping you find the right security system. With a broad range of options, we can work with you based on your business and location to establish a comfortable and safe environment for your hard workers. Call us today!

Don’t Blow It

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We see it all the time in the security business. Business owners get panicked by a nearby break-in or criminal activity in their area and overreact by impulsively buying complex, pricey security systems. They install high-dollar devices and equipment that could protect a maximum security prison, when, really, a much smaller system would have offered adequate protection for far less.

Honestly, we understand. Your business is your livelihood, and you need to protect it with quality security systems. However, more often than not, you don’t need the most expensive system to get the right amount of coverage.

At S-O-S Electronics, we have a simple motto: “Security you can afford. Because you can’t afford not to be secure.” Part of our goal is to help business owners get the protection they need without going bankrupt in the process. Affordable security really is possible, regardless of where your business is located. We offer a variety of solutions for your facility that can keep criminals at bay and bring you peace of mind.

One piece of advice we like to offer business owners and property managers is to make a list of current security issues and potential threats. Then, before shopping online or going to a retail store to find out what systems are available, contact us for help. We can help you explore your security options and find the system that is right for your property and business. It’s our job to know what is available and for what price, and we want to help you find the perfect solution for your budget.

In this economy, it’s important to get the most for your money. Don’t blow your entire budget if you don’t have to. Contact S-O-S today!