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This summer’s temperatures have been pretty extreme. Most of the country is experiencing some level of drought, and the heat that has come with it has been tough to take. But it hasn’t just been the people who have suffered through it; the heat has also caused problems throughout a variety of industries causing home foundation problems, air conditioner malfunctions and, yes, security system failures. And that is something we at S-O-S Electronics want to help you avoid.

When you think about it, your security system is a lot like a home computer with many of the same needs—including cool temperatures. Like computers, when a security system’s head-end equipment overheats, it causes system failure and creates malfunctions or even total shut-downs. Instead of allowing this to happen, we want to help you keep your system running by offering a few tips to help maintain a cool, functioning system.

First, it’s important to allow air to flow around the equipment. Tightly encloses spaces don’t allow outside air to get to the equipment, and the heat created from the machinery accumulates in the space making it hotter and hotter. Instead of letting the thermometer rise, make sure the area is properly ventilationed and allows air to circulate around the equipment.

If creating airflow doesn’t generate enough temperature change to keep it cool, consider installing a fan. There are hundreds of models available on the market, and many that a specifically designed for electrical equipment. By stirring up the air, you’ll help rid the area of heat and keep your system stabilized.

Another tip is to keep the equipment clean. The buildup of dust and dirt can slow down the equipment’s internal fans making it more likely to overheat and fail. Instead of letting it dust collect, either clean the equipment yourself or call in a pro depending on your system.

The security of your property is important. Whether you own a home or manage a commercial property, you want to make sure it is safe and secure. After all, that’s why you purchased the security equipment to begin with. But the system can only do its job if it receives proper care.

This month, we at S-O-S Electronics want to encourage you to keep it cool—your security equipment, that is. Who knows how long the high temperatures will last? In the meantime, do your part to keep your system up and running by helping it get the cool air it needs. And, once that’s taken care of, be sure to do the same for yourself.

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The Man for the Job

Posted: August 23, 2012 by soselectronics in Opinion
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On June 5, with just over 53 percent of the vote, Governor Scott Walker retained his position as the leader of our state. And, as one of the businesses who has benefitted from his leadership, we at S-O-S Electronics would like to offer our most sincere congratulations!

Since being elected, Governor Walker has faced down a $3.6 billion state deficit by reducing government spending and increasing its flexibility to provide services. The Governor’s reforms allowed state and local governments to save millions of dollars by utilizing the cost-savings of the free-market system and competitively bidding on their health insurance programs, curbing overtime abuses and aligning staff with service needs. The reforms also allowed government to reward employees and make staffing decisions based on merit contracts.

In a move that caught all of our attention, Governor Walker also took on the ambitious task of creating 250,000 new jobs during his tenure. Regardless of what side of the political fence we’re on, that’s something we can all embrace as progress! Wisconsin needs jobs, and our citizens need paychecks and benefits, which is why it is comforting to know there is a man in office committed to seeing that change take place.

Beyond the workplace, Governor Walker has also made it his aim to improve the state’s education system. Instead of allowing the negative reading comprehension trend to continue in Wisconsin, Governor Walker implemented a reform system that will improve the skills of our children and increase educator effectiveness and school accountability. With so much at stake in our youth, we know our state will be in better hands because of the reform initiative.

As an independent business, S-O-S Electronics is proud to support the efforts of Governor Walker and to stand behind his plan to make Wisconsin a better place for us to live and work. We wish him the best as he begins his new year in office, and we can’t wait to watch the positive change take place. We know it will take hard work, but we believe in our governor and know he is the right man for the job.

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