Apparently catalytic converters are good for more than just the environment—they’re also good for scrap metal resale. Just ask parking lot thieves from the Milwaukee area who made headlines this summer by stealing these pollution-control muffler attachments from vehicles in a number of area parking lots. Criminals made a nice living this summer by selling the converter material for upwards of $1,450 per ounce.

The unfortunate part about this situation is that many of the thieves were able to get away clear and free due to unmonitored parking lots. Most businesses don’t have surveillance equipment that monitors their exterior, thus, there’s no way to identify the crooks.

When it comes to protecting your assets, security cameras can go a long way. Not only do they reveal the actual events of a crime and help police track down those responsible, they also help deter criminal activity simply by being active. Thieves who know parking lots are monitored are far less likely to attempt burglary in that location than they would be if there were no cameras.

However, when it comes to parking lot security cameras, just getting the cameras themselves isn’t going to be enough. You also need to monitor it or outsource that responsibility. Either way, someone needs to be watching the area, because while the cameras themselves might scare a few crooks away, they won’t deter them all. And if you want to stop the crime before it’s been successfully carried out, you need to keep your eye on the ball—or on the screen. However, when it comes to actually stopping the crime, we encourage you to not attempt that on your own. Instead, it’s always best to call the police.

When it comes to selecting the right kind of camera, it’s important to make the most of your investment. Simple cameras may be acceptable for small areas, but when it comes to most parking lots, greater technology is required. Many systems now come equipped with pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) options that allow the camera to capture a greater area and also see greater detail. These can be incredibly useful in recapturing important specifics such as license plates and even faces.

Obviously we at S-O-S Electronics are in favor of security camera systems and know just how beneficial they can be for a business or even a home property. That’s why we carry a selection of quality choices and can provide you with the equipment you need to achieve a safer environment. With thieves on the prowl, it’s a great time to invest in a system that can either keep them away or catch them in the act.

For more information on cameras and other security products, call us today!

  1. This was a really interesting article. I have always wondered how great parking lot security cameras really were. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more blogs like this.

  2. It sucks that people can steal your catalytic converters while you leave your car in a parking lot and get away with it. I think every parking lot should be monitored, it would go a long way for safety.

  3. Gold Factory says:

    Parking lot cameras are a must in today’s society. People just can’t be trusted.

  4. With all the expenses business owners have, this is something that can be easy to forget but this is a great reminder of how important it is.

  5. Businesses should be looking out for their customers and employees and their property. If something bad happens to their property while they are there, even though the business isn’t to blame, the bad feelings might be shared by association. But if something happens and the business has cameras, they can be the heroes who caught the villain.

  6. Security Cameras are an unfortunately necessary part of our society. Great information.

  7. Travis Cole says:

    It is funny how people will change the way they act when they think they are not being watched. Even people not looking to steal might be tempted when they think no one will know. Cameras can go a long way in keeping an area safe.

  8. It sounds like having cameras monitoring parking garages to help deter thieves is the way to go. Especially adding the option of the zoom feature.

  9. Not only are unmonitored parking lots easy for thieves to make their fortune, they are also places where women (and men) find themselves susceptible to predators. Thanks for posting!

  10. Great post. It is comforting knowing that someone is watching over the parking lot when you are shopping or eating.

  11. I imagine that most people don’t realize some of the valuable parts that can be stripped off of their vehicles so quickly, or the value of those objects.

  12. Security cameras are very valuable for keeping a location secure. Having someone watching a location at all times is one of the best security practices.

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