security camera dummy cameraThe new year has arrived, you are probably recovering from the end of year and holiday rush- but you are also gearing up for the coming year. We are wrapping up a busy time and preparing for another one in which it is vital to protect your whole business. Businesses are particularly vulnerable to intruders or vandals at this time of year.

Increase in Thefts

Financial and social pressure during the holiday season causes crimes and thefts to increase. Some individuals are becoming increasingly wary of financial stressors. Because you are aware, you can better protect your customers, employees, and assets this winter.

Some business owners, in the interest of deterring thieves, choose to mount fake security cameras. At first glance, this might seem like a decent idea. There are so many dangers with this plan, one of them being potential legal trouble.

Dangers of Fake Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras may look like real CCTV surveillance cameras to the average citizen. Is the average citizen planning to intrude your business? The intruders who plan to trespass on your property are probably experts at what they do. They can tell a dummy camera from a real one. Dummy security cameras do nothing. They don’t protect your employees or your property. Worse yet, they have the potential to entangle you with legal trouble. Employees may claim a false sense of security if they experience loss of valuables or vehicles after trusting that the security camera would record any incident.

Solutions for Business Security

Installing dummy security cameras is not worth the money and effort. The best choice is to consult a professional to check your space and advise you in the best way to use CCTV and security cameras to protect your employees, property, and customers. You’ll also be protecting yourself from potential lawsuits or loss due to improper use of dummy security cameras. To learn about the CCTV and Security Cameras provided by S-O-S. Electronics, contact S-O-S. Electronics by calling (414) 616-7008.

  1. You make a very good point about dummy cameras. I worked at a restaurant that had dummy cameras in the parking lot. One night a thief made his way through five employee cars. All of the employees wanted the footage but our manager came clean and said they were fake. It left a lot of employees angry and some found other jobs.

  2. Sounds like a fake camera is not the way to go. Thanks for the info and making us aware of the potential dangers!

  3. On the surface, a dummy security camera seems like a good idea, but once you did a little deeper it is clear that it is better to just have the real thing.

    • If you are going to go through the trouble of actually hanging up cameras, what’s the point of fake ones?? Why not go ahead and get the wires and everything set up and start actually monitoring your property? Always better to take the extra precautions.

  4. I used to work at a place that had cameras up but they were never recording. A very expensive computer ended up missing and there was no way to know who did it.

  5. US SolarG says:

    I can’t really tell a difference between real and fake security cameras, but you are right; a thief probably can.

  6. Getting a fake security camera would seem like a good idea, but after reading multiple articles similar to this one, it’s clear that it’s not a very good idea. Security shouldn’t be something that is taken lightly. Thanks for the post.

  7. It is good to know that there are increased times of theft. Now we can take extra precautions.

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