About S-O-S

In 1958 S–O–S Electronics Corp.was founded by Robert Andreotti. In 1970, the business was passed on to his son, Guy Andreotti. In 1972, Guy’s brother Dean joined the company to continue the family tradition. Today Guy, his wife Jane, and Dean continue to grow the business and, Dean’s son, Danny, has also joined the operation carrying out the family legacy.

In 2008, S–O–S Electronics Corp. expanded the scope of their operations to become a manufacturer of circuit boards.

As the company has grown, they have continued to stay on top of new trends and provide cutting-edge security solutions. However, they have not strayed too far from their roots.

In 2010 S-O-S Electronics formed a family of companies and purchased the Insignia and Clarity Card Access Control Products. Today S-O-S Electronics Corp. operates within theS-O-S Global 1 Family and along side S-O-S Global Security Products. Please visit our website for more information.

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